NHDP -Charlie Bass Panders to Fringe GOP Primary Voters

Concord - At tonight's WMUR Second Congressional District Republican Primary debate, former Congressman Charlie Bass continued pandering to the far right fringe of his party and flip-flopping on his positions.  Bass dodged questions from both of his primary challengers, Jennifer Horn and Bob Guida, as he continued to try and mislead voters about his record.

"Charlie Bass's constant reinventing of himself to catch the current political winds is a tired routine," said Ray Buckley Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Democrats are tired of it, independents are tired of it, and tonight we learned that even his fellow Republicans are tired of it."

Bass refused to answer a question from fellow Republican primary candidate Jennifer Horn when she asked why he had reversed his positions on deficit spending, comprehensive health care reform, cap and trade legislation, and the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

And Bass continued to wrongly claim that he had controlled spending while in Congress, adding that he was a long time "defender of the taxpayer."  But the reality is that during the more than a decade that Bass was in Washington the federal deficit exploded, increasing by nearly four trillion dollars.  In addition, Bass voted to raid hundreds of billions of dollars from Social Security in a vain attempt to hide his enormous spending increases.

"Even his fellow Republicans know that Charlie Bass isn't fiscally conservative," continued Buckley.  "His rhetoric on every major issue is just that, empty talk from a career politician and Washington insider."

While Jennifer Horn, Charlie Bass, and Bob Guida did not offer real solutions to the serious problems facing our nation, all three Republican candidates proudly touted the talking points of national Republican insiders.  Horn called health care reform that closed the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap for thousands of senior citizens "corrupt and unconstitutional." And Bass stated he supported debating and possibly repealing the 14th Amendment to the United States' Constitution that guarantees American citizenship to any child born in our country.

"At tonight's debate, Jennifer Horn, Charlie Bass, and Bob Guida all pandered to the far right fringe of their party," added Buckley.  "All three Republican candidates made it clear that they would vote for the extreme policies of their party's leadership, instead of standing up for the voters of the second Congressional district."