Endorsement means financial and material support for candidates with common sense agenda.

Merrimack County District # 1 - New London, Danbury and Wilmot, NH. Anne Copp, a candidate for State Rep from Danbury, NH. Has been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; a strong sign that she will bring common sense ideas to the State House.

“I will work hard for the constituents of my district bringing their concerns to Concord.“ said Anne Copp, a candidate for the legislature. “I look forward to working with the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire and its endorsed candidates to advocate for your ideas and help restore common sense in New Hampshire.”

As a candidate endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, Anne Copp will receive financial support, networking opportunities and campaign support.

“Our endorsement of Anne Copp for State Representative from Danbury, NH. is a strong statement of our confidence in her commitment to individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government and free enterprise as well as the Common Sense for New Hampshire agenda that will help bring these ideals about,” said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “We will do everything we can to help Anne and candidates like her win their election so we can build a Legislature that will fight for lower taxes, less spending and limited government. This will allow the people of New Hampshire to build their own prosperous future.”


About Anne Copp

As a seasoned candidate for State Representative, I have been active supporting the ideals I share with the people of my district. I make no promises to be a politician, I do however promise to become a proud Statesman who exhibits the “Energy and Integrity” that the office deserves. My goal when elected is to communicate with the Townspeople of New London, Danbury and Wilmot through town meetings once a month; to bring those concerns straight to our citizen Legislature. I continue to work hard to earn your vote.

About The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire
RLCNH, a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, was launched in December 2004 to promote and advance traditional Republican Party values, such as limited government, low taxes and spending, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and loyalty to the U.S. and N.H. constitutions.