CEI Daily - Dodd-Frank, SEIU, and Four Loko




Many legal experts are questioning the constitutionality of Dodd-Frank financial reform.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader  explains one reason why Dodd-Frank is unconstitutional.


"Its delegation of power to officials not selected by the President and confirmed by the Senate.  The Financial Stability Oversight Council, which makes threshold determinations about which financial companies are subject to seizure by the government, includes four members who are not appointed by the president, but rather by groups of state officials. That violates the Constitution’s Appointments Clause, and the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling in Federal Election Commission v. NRA Political Victory Fund (1993), which forbids even nonvoting members of federal commissions from being appointed by people outside the executive branch."






In December, SEIU members began a telephone campaign targeted at a Kentucky hospital.


Research Associate Trey Kovacs explains that SEIU showed a callous disregard for social welfare by tying up the hospital's phone lines.


"SEIU had no problem tying up emergency lines, used to save lives, of the hospital to harass employees of KDMC. Negotiating contracts and informing communities of injustices cannot come at the expense of the lives of American citizens. A stand needs to be taken against such atrocities because it is clear the strategy of the SEIU is 'victory at all costs.'"


Four Loko


After Four Loko was pushed off the market, leftover stock was sold to ethanol recycling facilities.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton talks about the irony of federally-subsidized ethanol plants buying up leftovers of federally-persecuted Four Loko.


"Presumably, the companies are getting less money by selling the drinks to ethanol plants, rather than thirsty college students. Let’s just hope that the government doesn’t start banning other products in order to then purchase the leftovers at a discount."