NHDP - NH Republican State Representative Jordan Ulery Blames Holocaust on Jews

Concord - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party denounced the hateful anti-Semitic comments of a New Hampshire Republican State Representative and potential Republican National Committeeman.  The Union Leader ('Important to Somebody,' 01/09/2011) reported State Representative Jordan Ulery (R-Hudson) said "setting yourself up to be different" would lead "to what happened to the Jews in Eastern Europe."


The Party also called on Republican Party Chairman John H. Sununu, Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien, and Congressman Charlie Bass to denounce Rep. Ulery's disgusting comments, call on him to resign his office in the House, and end his candidacy for the open post on the Republican National Committee.


Ulery was defending a bill he introduced to force all New Hampshire businesses to print any non-English sign in all of the official languages of the United Nations.  Ulery noted that he was a "student of history" and said, "When you establish a ghetto, you're leaving yourself open to what happened to the Jews in Eastern Europe because you're setting yourself up to be different." Critics had said the bill would impose enormous costs on local businesses. 


"The Holocaust ended millions of innocent lives.  To say it was the fault of Jews who were forced into ghettos is repulsive," said Joe Foster, former state Senator from Nashua.   "Representative Ulerly's abhorrent anti-Semitic comments have no place in New Hampshire and must be immediately denounced."