Franklin Center - Washington Times: WikiLeaks isn't journalism

This weekend, the Washington Times ran an op-ed by Franklin Center President Jason Stverak Stverak took on the controversial topic of WikiLeaks and journalism arguing that a reporter's job is more than document dumping. Below is an excerpt of the op-ed and you can read more at

With the state of the media in disarray, many are looking to answer the all-important question: What is the future of journalism? The proposed answers range from the government investing in the re-emergence of the traditional newspaper business to the ever-growing popularity of Internet news websites. But one thing is certain: WikiLeaks and websites that are dedicated to shock-and-awe news do not have a place in the journalism debate.

The first reason to exclude WikiLeaks from the "journalism" classification is simply that WikiLeaks isn't journalism - posting raw information doesn't cut it.

Journalism is the hard if-your-mother-says-she-loves-you-check-it-out work of verifying, corroborating, digging up, questioning all parties, putting in context, tracking back to original sources and ruthlessly assaying information. Then comes the hardest part, taking all of the research and work and boiling it down into an accurate, comprehensive and balanced distillation of the entire situation for the public. The act of dumping 250,000 messages on the Web does not meet this criterion.

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