House Republicans' - House Majority Leader Statement on Democrats' $1Billion Budget Hole



In response to a recent report by the Legislative Budget Assistant’s Office, House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (Salem) offered the following remarks regarding the huge budget hole that Democrats created through fiscal mismanagement for the past four years:

“Unfortunately Republican fears during the election campaign were realized with the recent announcement by the Legislative Budget Assistant’s Office announcement that New Hampshire is facing a nearly $1 billion deficit in the state budget.

It is disappointing that Governor Lynch has not recognized this problem and has not taken immediate and proactive steps to cut spending. For too long Governor Lynch and the Democrats have dodged the difficult spending choices in favor of shell games of monetizing state assets which fell $59.6 million of their $60 million goal.

It is clear that we must cut spending and protect taxpayers from tax or fee increases or downshifting of costs to local property owners. I applaud the work of the House and Senate Finance and Ways and Means Committees who have been in briefings for the past week to hit the ground running to tackle the difficult issues facing our state.”