CEI Daily - Political Rhetoric, Public-Private Partnerships, and the Nanny State


Political Rhetoric


Polls show that the majority of Americans don't believe that political rhetoric had anything to do with the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. 


Director of Communications Christine Hall commends Americans for not participating in blame games.


"Despite efforts by some political talking heads to blame Republicans or conservatives for the actions of the shooter, it’s a relief that a majority of Americans aren’t buying that bull. Sixty percent of those polled by CBS News said the shootings were not related to any 'harsh political tone.' It’s been maddening to hear some on the left try to blame Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin and some other media or political figure for the alleged actions of that young Arizona man, Jared Loughner."





Public-Private Partnerships


Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have becomes more common in recent years in the surface transportation and real estate sectors.


Policy Analyst Marc Scribner has released a new study on the costs and benefits of these partnerships.


"In the case of surface transportation infrastructure, innovative new private-sector financing, management, and ownership regimes have much to offer in terms of minimizing taxpayer exposure to risk, capturing user revenues, and creating an efficient transport network. In contrast, government’s recently expanded role in real estate development has increased taxpayer exposure to risk, socialized costs, and concentrated the benefits into the hands of select private developers and special interests."


The Nanny State


CEI President Fred Smith was on Stossel last week to talk about e-cigarettes and nanny state regulations.


Watch the clip here.