CHQ - Quin Hillyer: Let’s Try a Better Response (to the Arizona Tragedy)

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Quin Hillyer:  Let's Try a Better Response (to the Arizona Tragedy)
American Spectator - Quin Hillyer wonders why Americans couldn't react to the Arizona shootings more like we did after 9/11, and says we should "reboot" our attitudes in order to rediscover the better angels of our nature. 

Brent Bozell:  Left Exploiting Arizona Rampage to 'Criminalize' Conservatives
Newsmax - Conservative media watcher Brent Bozell says the Left is exploiting the Arizona tragedy to score political points. Bozell thinks it's an active campaign on behalf of the Left to stifle and ultimately criminalize conservative speech.

Pat Buchanan:  Arizona Shooting is Just the Latest Attempt to Blame Conservatives for the World's Problems - Human Events

Poll of Conservatives Shows Support for Broad Cuts to Spending, Including Military Spending - Daily Caller

GOP Appropriations Cardinals Hint Earmarks May Return - The Hill

Texas Tea Party Leader Takes Her Fight to the Capitol - Dallas Morning News

GOP is Looking Strong as States Begin Redistricting Process - Washington Times

Joseph Farah on the Prospect of a Michele Bachmann Presidential Run - World Net Daily

Feulner: GOP Must Fight for the Filibuster - Washington Times

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Joins NYC Mayor Bloomberg in Call for More Gun Control - Daily Caller

Tim Pawlenty Clarifies his Remark on Sarah Palin and Arizona - Hot Air

Rep. Clyburn Uses Shooting to Push Fairness Doctrine - Outside the Beltway

Budget Crisis Opens Door for Conservative School Reform - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Chamber Vows War Against Government's "Regulatory Tsunami" - Daily Caller

CHQ Poll Results: Majority of Conservative Activists Disagree with DeLay Prison Sentence
Adam Cassandra - Poll finds that only 26% of respondents think DeLay "got what he deserved."

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