CEI Weekly: The Government Continues to Attack Personal Choice

Friday, January 14, 2010



Feature: Fred Smith on e-cigarettes, personal choice, and nanny-state regulations.


FEATURED STORY: The Government Continues to Attack Personal Choice


In wake of recent power grabs by the FDA, John Stossel dedicated an episode of his show to discussing how nanny state regulations violate inviduals' right to govern themselves. CEI President Fred Smith was invited to explain why people should be concerned about decreasing personal freedoms and why the government so often gets away with destructive regulations. Watch the video segment here. 






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January 12, 2011: Public-Private Partnerships


Land-use and Transportation Policy Analyst Marc Scribner talks about his new CEI Issue Analysis, “The Limitations of Public-Private Partnerships.” Marc argues that PPPs are an improvement over the status quo in surface transportation because they introduce at least an element of competition into a sector where there is usually none. But PPPs are harmful in real estate developments because they tend to favor politicians’ preferences over those of consumers