CHQ - New Mexico’s Conservative Gov. Susana Martinez is Wasting No Time

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New Mexico's Conservative Gov. Susana Martinez is Wasting No Time
American Spectator - New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has used her two weeks in office to fulfill her campaign promise to begin cutting government. Martinez has already cut into her predecessor's (liberal Bill Richardson's) list of leftist environmentalist political appointees - a very positive step in moving the "Land of Enchantment" in the right direction.

Left's Response to Arizona Tragedy Is Both Calculated and Irrational Hatred of Tea Party Conservatism
Wall Street Journal - Daniel Henninger says the Left linked the Tea Parties to Arizona because of their true belief that conservatives are ultimately responsible for all the "hate" in this country. Henninger adds that the intellectual gap between the Left and Right cannot be bridged, leading to a messy fight for the presidency in 2012 and beyond.

GOP Rep. Peter King Can't Control Lunatics, So He's Trying to Control Us
American Thinker - New York Republican Peter King's gun control bill proves Democrats aren't the only ones overreacting to the Arizona shootings. King's ridiculous proposal to ban firearms within 1000 feet of federal public officials does nothing to deter illegal guns, while potentially making criminals out of law-abiding legitimate gun owners.

Accountability... Where Art Thou?  Palin Addresses Arizona Shootings
GOP USA - Bobby Eberle comments on Sarah Palin's call for individual accountability after the shootings in Arizona last weekend. Palin points out that the tragedy should not be used as an excuse to curtail our precious American liberty, which would only serve to justify the aims of lunatics like Jared Loughner.

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CHQ Poll Results: Conservatives Reject GOP Rep. Peter King's Gun Control
97% reject proposal to keep guns 1,000 feet from federal officials.

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