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Well, there he goes again.  Steve Scheffler, the head of the Iowa Christian Alliance, said that he would not invite Fred to his March 7th Forum in West Des Moines.  However, Mr. Scheffler told the Wall Street Journal last week "that his group plans to send invitations out this week to anyone who has expressed the 'slightest interest' in the 2012 Republican nomination."  Fred has arguably shown the "greatest interest" of any possible candidate. 

You can help by asking Mr. Scheffler to Let Fred In. 

Please post this link on Facebook, Tweet it, forward by email and sign it (click on link, then click "Sign Petition" in the upper right hand corner).  The petition goes to Steve Scheffler who refuses to let Fred in his March 7th Forum.  He invited 15 prospective candidates, but not Fred. 

Mr. Scheffler threatened Fred last May, and told him not to come to Iowa and that he would work overtime to "abort his effort."


Iowa Christian Alliance President Steve Scheffler (left) with Christian Coalition Executive Director Ralph Reed (right).  Notice the Blackberry on Mr. Scheffler's belt, it's the one he emailed his threat to me on last May!          

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Gay Republican Fred Karger Fights for Participation in Iowa GOP Event

by Michael A. Jones, January 13, 2011 07:45 AM (PT)

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How big is the tent in the Republican Party? That's a question that GOPers in Iowa will have to answer, as they get set to host an event in March 2011 for potential presidential hopefuls. If organizers of the event are to be believed, you can expect to see Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, and a host of other politicians rumored to be running for president.

But at the moment, you won't see GOP presidential hopeful Fred Karger, because folks with the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition won't give him an invite. Why? Because of what they consider his evil homosexual ways.

Steve Scheffler, an Iowa GOP activist and religious conservative, has a thing out for Karger, believing that Karger isn't a legitimate candidate for President. “We're inviting all potential candidates who are legitimate candidates,” said Scheffler. "[Karger] is not a legitimate candidate."

Scheffler has a pretty whacked out definition of the word legitimate then. That's because Karger has visited Iowa at least five times over the past few months, has cut an introductory commercial that's aired on television, and has met with scores of Iowa voters -- which combined is much more political activity than practically every candidate on the invite list for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition's event. But perhaps what Scheffler really means to say is that if you're gay, you simply can't be a legitimate Republican. Maybe he should have the gumption to just come out and say that.

Karger, for his part, is vowing to fight for inclusion in the March event via all potential channels. He scoffed at the idea that he wasn't a legitimate presidential hopeful, or that he's focusing only on one issue.

"I have been talking about education reform, immigration reform, and jobs first – those have been my three main issues. I’m studying a lot about, particularly, foreign policy issues – that’s newer to me, but I’ve been asked about the wars, which I’m opposed to. I’ve been asked about, you know, the START treaty. I’ve talked about every issue that every other candidate has talked about," Karger said.

Sure, Karger might not have the profile of a Palin or a Gingrich, but it should be up to Iowa voters, not Steve Scheffler, to determine whether Karger is a qualified candidate. Right now, it seems like Scheffler is running a little scared, and figures that it's easier to just silence Karger than actually allow a gay Republican to go before voters. And that's just shrewd politics that undermines the role of Iowa voters.

Send the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition a message that Karger deserves to be at their March event. Their event is supposed to be about introducing voters to the range of hopefuls who might be running for President. Karger has proven in every way that he's one of those folks, and that he deserves a seat at the table.

Photo credit: Fred Karger

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The petition goes to Steve Scheffler who refuses to let Fred in his March 7th Forum.  He invited 15 prospective candidates, but not Fred. 

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