House Republicans Present Legislative Agenda

Major Focus on Fiscal Issues


Concord—With the state facing a deficit that is nearing the $1 billion mark, New Hampshire House  Republicans today unveiled a legislative agenda aimed at reducing state spending, fixing a retirement system that is broken, passing a constitutional amendment for education funding, and creating a business friendly environment in the state.

At a press conference held at the Legislative Office Building in Concord, House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (Salem) said that this caucus is focusing on why the voters returned control of the State House to Republicans.   “We intend to govern as we campaigned,” he said. “The voters recognized that fiscal mismanagement over the last four years has put the state into a serious financial hole.  They put us here to return fiscal sanity to New Hampshire and this agenda is a giant step in that direction,” he added.

The agenda is the result of a series of information gathering meetings that the Bettencourt held with members of the Republican caucus during the month of December.  “I wanted to make sure that our entire caucus had the opportunity to be heard as we formulated our agenda.  It soon became evident that every one of my colleagues that I spoke with heard the voters in November loud and clear,” added Bettencourt.

Within the Republican Agenda, legislation will fall under five major categories: Government Spending & Regulations; Business & Enterprise; Retirement Reform; Education Excellence; and Personal Rights & Social Responsibility. 

“It is time that we put an end to the erosion of the New Hampshire Advantage that we have enjoyed for so many years within the region.  Our intentions are to balance the budget without using accounting gimmicks,  by cutting taxes, and delivering on our campaign promise of fiscal responsibility this past election,” concluded Bettencourt.