CHQ - Time for a Change at the RNC, Starting at the Top

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Time for a Change at the RNC, Starting at the Top
Washington Times - Heading into the historically important presidential election of 2012, the Republican National Committee will need a leader who can inspire conservatives to contribute the funds and do the work necessary to elect a new president who can truly "correct" things. Simply put, Michael Steele is not that leader, and it's time for a new chairman of the RNC.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's Inaugural Address Deserved More Attention
Human Events (blog) - South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was sworn in earlier this week, and unfortunately the event was pushed off the front page by matters in Arizona. John Hayward reports on Haley's inspiring inaugural speech and how her example gives hope to all who truly aspire to live the American Dream.

Herman Cain Says Voters 'Looking for Something New' in 2012
The Hill - Herman Cain hopes to be the "problem solving" conservative outsider in 2012. Cain speculates that America is ready for a presidential candidate who's never held office before, and he's already taking steps in the early states to prepare for his campaign.

Conservatives Ought Not to Have Had Reason to Defend Themselves Over Arizona
American Spectator - Despite the many liberal claims to the contrary, conservative rhetoric has only been "toxic" to one thing -- Democrats at the polls -- and the speaking out should continue. Healthy political debate is essential in America, and nothing that's happened in the past week serves to change that fact.

A GOP Majority - If You can Keep It (Lessons from Congresses Past)
Weekly Standard - Jay Cost writes of the lessons the current GOP leaders can learn from Congresses past, particularly the GOP majority in the 1940s that failed to roll back the New Deal. Time and demographics have changed since then, and Cost says the GOP has a much greater chance to get things accomplished this time around.

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CHQ Poll Results: Funeral Protests Not Protected Free Speech Under the Constitution
A majority of respondents do not think that funeral protests, such as those conducted by the Westboro Baptist Church, are protected speech.

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