More Politically Alert Welcomes Power Couple

A month after featuring the power trio of House Speaker Will O’Brien, Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt, and Senate President Peter Bragdon, More Politically Alert has booked the state’s new power couple (my name for them, not theirs), Epsom Reps Carol and Dan McGuire, for the coming week.

            Dan and Carol are no strangers to Manchester TV23.  Long before they were elected State Representatives, they hosted the outstanding weekly show Your State House, one of the few shows I actually watched every week.

            Carol, now in her second term, is Chairman of the “powerful” Executive Departments and Administration (EDA) Committee, but Dan, a first term Rep, is arguably even more “powerful”.  Not only is he on the “powerful” Finance Committee, but he’s one of only ten House and Senate members on the “umber powerful” Fiscal Committee, and he’s co-chair of the “powerful” House Republican Alliance.

            Maybe my first question should be:  which of the two of you is more powerful?

            Just kidding!

            Actually, we’ll spend quite a bit of the show talking about something totally non-political.  Dan and Carol just returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand, two places I’d really like to go (the 24 hour flight is a deterrent), and they promise to bring photos (slides, jpegs or whatever they’re called).

            New members have asked how they can view More Politically Alert, so here are the options.

            In the Manchester area, MPA airs on cable channel 23 (only cable since the five percent fee goes to funding the station) live Wednesday night, 9-10 p.m.  The show is then rebroadcast Thursday at 9 p.m., Sunday at noon, and Tuesday at 11 p.m. 

            You may watch it live outside Manchester by going to and clicking on public access. 

            Usually within 24 hours, the show is available at

In fact, all the shows I’ve done since returning in September are now available.  Why not make a weekend of watching them all?!

            MPA was designed not to have guests, but we break format for such shows as the power trio and the power couple, and we had a year in review panel.

            Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect:

            Jan. 12—Topic:  what one piece of legislation would you file if you could.  A list of all my proposed pieces of legislation.  A redistricting primer.  Brunellegate week two.  Shame on those who would use public traumas for political purposes (Paul Krugman with Arizona for example).  Henry Clay’s duels.

            Jan. 5—11 predictions for 2011.  A review of the best and worst of 2010.

            Dec. 29—(the station was closed)….a half hour post-election show I did with Denis Goddard on Concord television.  And a half hour from my personal filming vault, this time from New Years 1990, a lesson on the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall as I stand in front of people chipping away at the wall (I had just read Peter Weyden’s 800 page book Wall:  The Inside Story of Divided Berlin).

            Dec. 22—Year in review panel—hardly fair and balanced unless you consider four people vying to be most libertarian a good mix (actually we had some disagreements, on Governor Lynch for example)--Ed Mosca, Rich Girard, and Denis Goddard

            Dec. 15—The highly acclaimed show with Speaker O’Brien, President Bragdon, and Majority Leader Bettencourt.  People are asking to see this again, so it may be rebroadcast if I’m too sick to do a show.  Yes, one of my New Years resolutions is to do a new show every week.

            Dec. 8—12 books which would make good Christmas presents.

            Dec. 1—Which people have had the greatest influence on you politically (my birthday show).  Mine are the late great radio talk show host Jerry Williams and Gene Burns who still does talk radio (in San Francisco I believe).  He once ran for President as a Libertarian…his influence on me was when he was the mid-day host of WRKO back in the 80s.

            Shows the week before and after the election (with Ed Mosca as guest the week after) were my personal favorites.

            Regular features on MPA (when I don’t have guests) are:  By The Numbers; Heard on the Grapevine; Thumbs Up Thumbs Down; Sad But True; Shame on You; Media Watch; The Reading Room; All About Steve (I’ve climbed all NH’s 4000 foot mountains but am still against LCHIP); A Blast from the Past (I’m going to revisit the day Democrats passed a tax on milk!)…there’s much more.  New features include Banned from MPA and What I Learned This Week on Finance, and once every six months or so we induct three deserving people into the MPA Hall of Fame (and of course have to match that with three in the MPA Hall of Shame).

It’s like going to a buffet table…take all you want, but eat all you take.