- Odell predicts "evergreen law" repeal

In his January 16, 2011 column on, Senator Bob Odell writes:

"In 2008, the legislature created a law that made pay step increases and other monetary benefits continue even after a public employee bargaining agreement had lapsed and negotiators had reached an impasse. It is commonly referred to as the "evergreen law." Many of us feel this has placed a tremendous financial burden on local government and has increased costs passed along to property tax payers." "...the evergreen law makes voters reluctant to approve new contracts in many school districts, and perhaps in some towns, around the state."

"I am the sponsor of SB 1 [repealing the evergreen law]..." "I led off the testimony about the basic goals of the legislation. A couple of dozen others followed as the hearing went on for two and a half hours." "...everyone who wanted to have their voice heard, did so last week. When [SB 1] goes to the Senate floor shortly, the votes are there to pass..."

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