CHQ - Mark Levin Threatens to Sue Chris Matthews

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Mark Levin Threatens to Sue Chris Matthews
Newsmax - Conservative radio host Mark Levin has had enough of liberals like MSNBC's Chris Matthews accusing him (and other conservative talk radio hosts) of inciting murder, and is prepared to do something about it. Levin said he will sue for libel if the liberal accusations continue, upping the stakes should the Left keep playing the blame game.

Why Virginia Tea Party Leader Jamie Radtke's Senate Candidacy is Significant
Daily Caller - Virginia Senate candidate Jamie Radtke proves grassroots leaders are ready to expand their role in the next election, going from organizers and leaders to actually running to challenge the establishment. Radtke has never held office before on any level, but she's prepared to take her ample life's experience to the U.S. Senate.

RINOs Sitting With Liberals During State of the Union Address is Meaningless Gesture
American Spectator - Ross Kaminsky points out only RINOs want to sit with liberals during the upcoming State of the Union address, and the hollow gesture won't go far towards achieving bipartisan harmony.

Herman Cain Isn't Just Running for President, He's Running to Win
National Review Online - Former Godfathers Pizza CEO Herman Cain is taking his run for president seriously. Cain says his demonstrated problem-solving ability will lend all the credibility that he'll need.

Priebus Makes Changes Immediately Upon Assuming RNC Chair
Washington Times - Newly elected Chairman Reince Priebus has already shown he'll make big changes at the RNC.

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