AFP - Health Care Repeal vote in 24 hours

Over the past two years, you and I worked together to stop the Pelosi\Reid\Obama health care takeover.  Tomorrow, we have the opportunity to begin rolling back this disastrous legislation as the House of Representatives votes on a full REPEAL of the legislation.  
Your member of Congress needs to hear from you now so please CLICK HERE to urge a YES vote that will repeal the Pelosi\Reid\Obama health care takeover.
You may already know how your member of Congress plans to vote but even if you do I'm urging you to contact them now CLICK HERE in order to let Congress know just how strongly the American people support repealing this big-government takeover of our health care.
The most outrageous argument coming from the Left is that repealing the health care takeover will dramatically increase the budget deficit.  What nonsense!  You and I know that adding a huge new government bureaucracy to run our health care system will actually add hundreds-of-billions of dollars in new government spending while pushing health care costs even higher.
Ironically, while President Obama and the Left are taking us toward big government, top-down health care bureaucracy the United Kingdom is actually taking steps to introduce more choice and less bureaucracy into their long ailing government-run health care.  Now, liberal politicians like Senator Charles Schumer (NY) are saying that the vote in the House tomorrow offers them a "second chance" to win over the American people to their side.  That's why we need to be emailing and calling our member of Congress now while also encouraging our friends to act as well.
We've got a long road ahead in rolling back this health care takeover.  The elections of November 2nd sent a powerful message to Congress that the American people do not want this health care takeover.  The next step takes place in the House of Representatives tomorrow.  Let's make sure our voices are heard. CLICK HERE.

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PS: The House vote on repealing the Pelosi\Reid\Obama health care takeover is only 24 hours away so please act now.  And, make sure to forward this email to your family and friends.