MEDC - "Cheering" for Manchester could help bring $50,000 to the City for Civic and Economic Development projects

Reader’s Digest contest offers cities and towns the opportunity to receive more than $5 million for improvements

Manchester, NH – In the past two weeks Manchester has fallen from 32nd place to 50th place in the Reader’s Digest promotion, “We Hear You America.”  The promotion allows local residents the opportunity to “cheer” (vote) for Manchester, which could bring $50,000 to the City for development and civic projects.  The Reader’s Digest promotion will award more than $5 million in funds and promotional support to cities and towns across the US.  The City is working with the business community, schools and professional organizations to encourage the public to “cheer” for Manchester, in an effort to increase the cities chances of bringing home the $50,000 prize.

Anyone is eligible to participate and “cheer” (vote) for Manchester by visiting the Reader’s Digest website,   Participants are able to “cheer” up to ten times a day, every day.  The winning cities will have the most “cheers” as of February 7th when the contest ends.  When you visit the contests webpage it provides users with the ability to post suggestions for improvements to your city or town.  Suggestions for Manchester range from school improvements to the development of a dog park to rail access. 

For more information about the Reader’s Digest contest or to “cheer” for Manchester, please visit  For information on current development projects in Manchester please visit or call 603-624-6505.