Pawlenty: Obama offering false choice between more debt and default

All- Gov. Tim Pawlenty appeared on FOX News & MSNBC this morning to explain why he opposes raising the debt limit, and detail his alternative proposal. Below are key excerpts & YouTube links for his interviews:

Gov. Pawlenty with MSNBC's Chuck Todd & Savannah Guthrie: "President Obama is offering a false choice between more debt and defaulting on our obligations to the Federal government's outside creditors. I think what we can do is send a bill to the President that would say we are going to eliminate that false choice -- at least for the time being -- and sequence the cash flow that we do have -- which is substantial -- and pay the outside creditors first on our debt payments and the interest. And then put the backside pressure on the debate on the discretionary spending that the Federal government has."
Gov. Pawlenty with FOX News' Bill Hemmer: "Politicians for the most part will only make tough choices when their backs are up against the wall. And that's why this debt ceiling question ... is an opportunity and not a crisis. That's what I mean by saying let's not raise it; let's send the President a bill that takes away his false choice of saying you either raise the debt ceiling or we're going to default."