CHQ - Tucson and the Kamikaze Left

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Richard Viguerie: Tucson and the Kamikaze Left
American Thinker - Richard Viguerie writes a definitive response to the aftermath of the tragic Tucson shooting. The incendiary attacks on Tea Party conservatives and opportunistic attempts to violate the Constitution following the Tucson tragedy show that the Left and ruling class media are in 'kamikaze' mode, which will only act to further fuel our movement. Our response? Re-double our efforts to elect constitutional conservatives and defeat the self-dealing kleptocracy of the ruling class. 
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Sen. Jim DeMint Leading Effort to Pass Balanced Budget Amendment
RedState - Erick Erickson tells of DeMint's effort to bring about a balanced federal budget and asks for our help in signing a petition of support. His proposed constitutional amendment would require a balanced federal budget and a super-majority to raise taxes.

House GOP Spoils for Constitutional Fight
Washington Times - Today's Obamacare vote is only a skirmish in the greater fight to refocus congressional attention on the Constitution. The House GOP's new rules requiring constitutional authority for bills is apparently drawing only lukewarm response from Democrats, and time will tell how determined GOP leaders are to keep the pressure on.

A Year Later, Sen. Scott Brown's Victory Has Lost Its Luster
American Spectator - One year ago today, Sen. Scott Brown shook the political world with his improbable win, but he hasn't done much legislatively to 'thank' the conservatives who put him in office. As a result, Brown will likely face a primary challenge in 2012.

Bill Frist, Invested in Obamacare, Tells Republicans to Let it Be
Washington Examiner (blog) - Big-government loving former Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is urging the GOP to lay off Obamacare. Timothy Carney reports that there's more to it than mere ideological squishiness, as Frist has a financial stake in his 'bipartisan' gesture.

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