NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley's Statement on the Disappointing Republican Vote Against Granite State Families' Right to Affordable Health Care

Concord - Today, Republicans in Congress voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement expressing his deep disappointment in Congressmen Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass:


"Today, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass turned their backs on New Hampshire families and the promise they made to voters before the election to decrease the federal deficit.  Their vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act would restrict Granite Stater's freedom and control over their own health care, raise job destroying taxes on more than 20,000 New Hampshire small businesses, and expand the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.


"At it's very best, the vote was nothing more than a dangerous and irresponsible political stunt to appease the far right fringe of the Republican Party.  Republicans offered no alternative plan to replace health care reform, and a recent poll from ABC News reported that less than 20% of the country favored the full repeal measure voted on today. 


"More importantly, this vote raises prescription drug costs on senior citizens, and once again enables insurance companies to take away individuals' coverage when they get sick. It is a troubling sign of what's to come when Congressmen Guinta and Bass put Republican Party politics over what is best for New Hampshire families."