NHDP - NH Citizens Urge Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass to Protect Granite State Residents' Rights to Affordable Health Care

Concord - Democratic National Committee (DNC) members Joanne Dowdell (NH - CD1) and Peter Burling (NH - CD2), today urged Congressmen Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass not to vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  They issued the following joint statement:

"The Affordable Care Act lowers costs, expands coverage, stops insurance companies from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, closes the Medicare Part-D donut hole, and gives over 22,000 New Hampshire small businesses a job creating tax credit for offering their employees health insurance.  However, voting for repeal could undo the important reforms and hurt hard working families.  Without an alternative plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, today's vote appears to be nothing more than a reckless political stunt, not the responsible governing focused on creating jobs and rebuilding the economy that our communities and our country need.

"Voting for repeal wouldn't just turn back the clock on health care; it would be a return to the failed economic policies of the past that turned a record federal budget surplus into a record deficit.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that repealing the Affordable Care Act would increase the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars - something that both Congressmen Guinta and Bass promised not to do on the campaign trail.

"We are urging both our Congressmen, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass, to vote against repeal, to put the interests of New Hampshire families first, and to stay true to their campaign promise to reduce the deficit."