- Weed: Corporate "personhood" "has neither legal status nor precedence"

In his January 19, 2011 column on, New Hampshire Representative Weed writes:

"...under the misguided assumptions of the legal establishment, corporations may lie, receive due process rights, and may pour huge sums of money anonymously into political campaigns because of the equation of dollars and free speech."

"The founders intended equality between natural born humans, not equality between natural and artificial beings.' 'It was never [their] intent to grant corporate personhood."

"...there has never been a decision by the US Supreme Court, and the only reference to corporate personhood was written by the court clerk in a head note, which has neither legal status nor precedence."

"There will be no change to American politics until and unless the American people and their representatives recognize the concentration of power of artificial persons, which leaves democracy subject to corporate domination."

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