McCotter - 84 House Reps: Obama, Get tough on China

84 House Members Issue Letter to Obama

Washington – In reaction to Chinese President Hu’s state visit to the White House, U.S. Representatives Mike Michaud (ME) and Thaddeus G. McCotter (MI) today joined in a bi-partisan letter to President Obama requesting his direct ascertainment to the Chinese President that continued violations of international trade law and World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments will not be tolerated.

Rep. Michaud said, “China’s disregard for its WTO membership directly hurts the U.S. economy and impedes our ability to recover from the economic downturn.  After ten years in the WTO, it is time for China to start playing by the rules.  My colleagues and I want President Obama to convey to President Hu that we will no longer turn a blind eye to their consistent violations of international trade law.”

“The PRC must stop cheating to compete and start playing by the rules of international commerce," said Rep. McCotter.

To view the Michaud-McCotter letter to President Obama, please click here.