CEI Daily - Obamacare, Merit Pay, and Space Policy




In Tuesday's Washington Post, Glenn Kessler says that Obamacare was not actually a "government takeover" of the health care system.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader disagrees.


"Our health care system will become 'government-run' under Obamacare in important ways. Obamacare imposes onerous government rules on our health care system, creating much more red tape than exists in many European countries, and turning health insurers into tightly-controlled public utilities. It will also spawn a potentially vast wave of lawsuits against state governments and private employee-benefit plans."




Merit Pay


Baltimore is introducing merit-based pay for new teachers.


Research Associate Trey Kovacs commends Baltimore for doing what's best for the school system.


"Merit-based pay benefits the students, teachers, and the community. Clearly, the advantage for teachers is the ability to achieve pay raises from ability and success, and the system incentivizes quality teaching. Students are taught by the finest teachers because of increased competition for positions, in return receiving higher quality of education. Having elite teachers providing students with superior education provides the community with more productive and contributing members of society."


Space Policy


In the new CEI Podcast, CEI Adjunct Scholar Rand Simberg talks about NASA and the future of private space exploration.


Listen here.