CHQ - Mitt Romney isn’t courting Tea Party activists and vice versa

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Mitt Romney Isn't Courting Tea Party Activists and Vice Versa 
Boston Globe --Romney, who was for Obamacare before Obama and defends the federal bank bailouts, has largely shunned Tea Party activists in key primary states.  As he prepares his presidential campaign, he is on track to present himself as the establishment candidate.

Conservative Din Surrounding Potential Mike Pence 2012 Run is Getting Louder
Politico - The buzz surrounding "drafting" Mike Pence for the GOP 2012 presidential ticket is not subsiding. If anything, it's getting louder. Having gone decades without a principled conservative Republican nominee, conservatives are not waiting to see who the party establishment favors this time - and Pence may very well be the man to break the cycle.

The GOP's Great (Lakes) Opportunity
American Thinker - Bruce Walker argues the Great Lakes region could serve as a laboratory for testing conservative policies for governance and economic renewal. Walker notes that five states in the area swung heavily to the GOP in 2010, providing the perfect opportunity for Republicans to demonstrate that conservative ideas really generate growth.

How Big Government Regulations and Bailouts (from Both Parties) Breed Lobbyists
Washington Examiner - Timothy Carney presents another sordid tale of big government cronyism and corruption, highlighting the story of a former Senate staffer who wrote a bill and then went to work lobbying for companies that are seeking to understand it. Carney says the practice is employed by both parties - truly, a breeding ground for revolving-door lobbyists.

Is Ron Paul Considering a 2012 Senate Run in Texas?
The Hill - With his son now in the Senate and an open seat in Texas for 2012, Rep. Ron Paul says a Senate run has "crossed my mind." There's little doubt, having two Constitution-loving Pauls in the Senate would shake up the American political establishment like never before.

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CHQ Poll Results: Conservative Activists Back Palin Over Establishment
A majority of poll respondents think Sarah Palin's message is just what Americans need to hear.

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