CHQ - NH GOP Elects Tea Party Activist as Chairman, Backs Romney in Straw Poll

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New Hampshire GOP Elects Tea Party Activist as Chairman, backs Romney in Straw Poll  
New York Times  - Conservative Jack Kimball upset Juliana Bergeron, the party establishment choice, 222-199.  Andrew Hemingway, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, said Kimball's victory was an indicator the Tea Party was pushing the state GOP to the right.  In a straw vote for president, Mitt Romney won with 36%.  Ron Paul was second with 11%, followed by Tim Pawlenty with 8% and Sarah Palin with 7%.  More than a dozen other candidates split the remaining 38%. 
A Stunning Upset in Washington Promotes Conservative to GOP State Chair
American Thinker (blog) - Herbert Meyer tells of a shocking victory for grassroots conservatives in Washington, where radio host (and principled conservative) Kirby Wilbur was elected to chair the state GOP. Meyer notes this was more than just an "ordinary" win--it represents the triumph of grassroots conservatives over Washington's entrenched Republican elites.
Iowa Tea Party Leaders Gear Up to Sway Presidential Nominating Caucuses
Des Moines Register - Iowa Tea Partiers are already planning and organizing to influence the 2012 caucuses. Realizing the critical role that Iowa plays in selecting the GOP nominee, conservatives in the Hawkeye State are starting early to be ready when the time comes to choose a principled conservative who will represent our values.
Sen. Jim DeMint: There Will Be No Bailout for the States
National Review Online - Sen. Jim DeMint says flat out there will be no more bailouts for irresponsible states, and something akin to bankruptcy will allow them to renegotiate untenable pension programs with public employees.
Now is Not the Time to Compromise on Principles
Intellectual Conservative - The problem with compromise is it always involves the GOP selling out to liberals. The American Left has used the squishy notion of "compromise" to slowly enact its big government agenda, and conservatives must stand firm on constitutional principles.
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CHQ Poll Results: House Hearings on Domestic Muslim Radicalization are Important for National Security  
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