CEI Daily - The State of the Union, Alcoholic Energy Drinks, and Ethanol


State of the Union


The media is now asking experts what Obama should say in the State of the Union.


Vice President Myron Ebell answers.


"In an ideal world, President Barack Obama would use his State of the Union to admit that America is broke and that his policies have laid the groundwork, not for a robust recovery, but rather for perpetual economic stagnation. That could be the start of working with congressional Republicans to undo the damage and get the economy going. Obama, of course, isn't likely to admit that. He is instead likely to continue to claim that his policies of reckless spending and smothering regulation are leading to a bright new future of clean energy, green jobs, and economic security."




Alcoholic Energy Drinks


South Carolina is pushing to be the fifth state to ban alcoholic energy drinks.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton explains the flawed rationale behind the ban.


"Regulators are attempting to ban the product-not for minors, who are already banned from purchasing alcoholic drinks, but for adults. Why? The rationale used by many lawmakers is that these drinks eventually lead imbibers to engage in illegal behavior like driving drunk."




The EPA has approved the use of increased ethanol blend E15.

Policy Analyst Brian McGraw observes that the ethanol industry is congratulating itself on this new development while simultaneously complaining about how long it took to get the EPA's approval.


"Let us never forget the delicious irony of an ethanol trade association whining about the unfair government regulations that impede the development of their industry, when the majority of ethanol production in the United States is due solely to the ethanol mandates in the Renewable Fuel Standard."