Conference Call with Marsha Blackburn on fighting the FCC's Net Regulation Power Grab

Most of you probably know US Rep. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee's 7th District.  She has long been a reliable Conservative voice in both Tennessee and national politics.

As her first act in the 112th Congress, Blackburn filed HR 96, The Internet Freedom Act (presser), to counter the FCC's attempt to usurp Congressional authority and regulate the Internet. On Tuesday of this week, she addressed the same issues in keynote remarks at the State of the Net conference in Washington, DC (text and video here).  The same day The Washington Times ran an OpEd from Blackburn on the need for Conservatives to be engaged in the tech policy debate.

Her bill and the discussion of it has been well received by the online community, the tech community, the political community and even the liberal press in Tennessee. As part of her strategy to address these matters, Congressman Blackburn has made herself available to us for a conference call on Thursday, January 27th from 8PM to 9PM CST. She will address us during the first portion of the call and the final portion will be a Q&A. You are invited to participate on the call and encouraged to share your thoughts with the Congressman, with the rest of us and, afterwards, with your readers and members.

For now, please save the date and time. The final details of the call are being worked out and should be available no later than Tuesday, the 25th. To ensure you get the call details and log-in information, please RSVP for this and upcoming opportunities by subscribing to The Grassroots Leadership List.  If you have any questions, please email me at Looking forward to having you on the call!

Ken Marrero
Blue Collar Muse Blogger
The Grassroots Leadership List