CEI Daily - State of the Union Liveblog, Newt Gingrich, and the Internet Kill Switch


State of the Union Liveblog


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young liveblogged the State of the Union Address last night.


Read his commentary here.




Newt Gingrich


Yesterday, Newt Gingrich spoke at the Iowa Renewable Fuel Association Annual Summit.


Policy Analyst Brian McGraw slams Gingrich for pandering to the Iowa corn lobby.


"It’s depressing that Gingrich, much like Bob Barr and Al Gore, is willing to shed intellectual honesty to win votes. Did Gingrich discuss the idea that 'food versus fuel is plain, flat untrue' with his colleague Robert Hahn at AEI? Or his colleague Kenneth Green? Or his colleague Kevin Hassett? Or the thousands of non-partisan academic studies completed on this very subject? I am reminded of a joke told to me by a co-worker, that if the first caucus was in Hawaii we’d all be putting pineapple juice in our tanks."




Internet Kill Switch


CBS News recently reported on the "renewed push" for an internet kill switch.


Research Associate Dennis Grabowski argues that the kill switch will give an unwarranted amount of power to federal regulators.


"The government practice of ignoring private-sector rights is certainly common enough; it’s when one branch of government is liberated of any checks whatsoever, including those of other branches of government, that Americans have an even greater cause for concern. This is especially true when our patronizing representatives are considerably less-qualified, good intentions and all, to understand the ins-and-outs of Internet security than are major Internet corporations."