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Memo to Conservatives and Tea Partiers

From Richard Viguerie

January 25, 2011

The conservative movement, the Republican Party and America, and not in that order, suffered because there was not a top-tier, principled, small-government constitutional conservative candidate in the 2008 presidential election.  Americans rejected a big-government establishment Republican and elected an inexperienced liberal Democrat.

It has been many years since a movement conservative was a top-tier major contender for the presidency.

The lesson for 2012 is very clear.  The chances of Barack Obama being re-elected are greatest if the Republican Party fields another big-government establishment candidate.

There are, in my mind, only three top-tier, principled, small-government constitutional conservatives who have been mentioned as potential candidates.  Jim DeMint has stated rather convincingly that he will not run.  And I seriously doubt Sarah Palin will run either.

The other is Mike Pence. 

If Congressman Mike Pence were to announce his candidacy for president, it would electrify the entire conservative and Tea Party movements.  Within a very short period of time, Pence would be one of the leading candidates, and by the beginning of 2012 would be the candidate to beat.

Congressman Pence would be able to assemble a grassroots donor base in excess of 500,000 - far exceeding anything any Republican has ever accomplished.

Whatever good attributes of form the top-tier establishment Republicans have, Pence has them, but he differentiates himself by having true conservative substance and he walks with conservatives.

So, if not Mike Pence, who?  We know the "when" part.

Mike is weighing (with his family) whether to run for governor of Indiana or for president.  My friend, Ralph Benko, a principled conservative well known to conservative leaders in the Washington, D.C. area, has undertaken an effort to urge Congressman Pence to seize this once-in-a-life-time opportunity.  If you agree, please go to
and add your name.


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