CHQ - Viguerie Criticizes Both President Obama and Congressional Republicans for Failure to Propose Serious Cuts in Spending

(Manassas, Virginia)  The following is a statement from Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, in reaction the state of the union address from President Obama and the Republican response from Congressman Paul Ryan:

          "It's no surprise President Obama wants more federal spending.  On top of the trillions he's already spent and the trillions he's added to the national debt, he wants even more.  As highly dangerous as that is, it's just Obama being Obama.

          "But it's disappointing that Republicans have so far not come up with a serious plan to rescind the enormous spending of the Democratic and Republican Administrations going back to Bill Clinton. 

          "What the Republicans have put forth is way too timid.  Once again, the GOP is being big government lite.

          "The national debt is now over $14 trillion.  And that doesn't include scores of trillions in unfunded federal liabilities.  Amazingly, some of the states are asking the federal government for a bailout.  And many cities and counties are in financial difficulty too.

          "Americans are looking for leadership to get us out of this horrible mess.  They sure don't see it from the Democrats.  And the Republicans have only come up with window dressing."