Genesis Code

Genesis Code


NH Journal: Romney, Huckabee lead NH GOP race for President, new polls precede launch for controversial film

“A new poll from the consulting firm Strategic National has some interesting numbers from New Hampshire primary voters on the state’s big-ticket races — and on the voters’ views on the intersection of science and religion.

When asked about who they will support in the GOP primary for president, Gov. Mitt Romney had a commanding lead of 33.5% among the crowded presidential field. But the percentages of the two next-place finishers — Gov. Mike Huckabee with 14% and Gov. Sarah Palin with 13% — show a surprising strength for culture warriors in a state that usually opts for more moderate Republicans”


Des Moines Register
: Iowa Politics Insider: Nevada Republican to attend film release

Sharron Angle, the tea party-backed candidate who mounted a hard-fought campaign against U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last fall, will attend the national premiere in Johnston of a film that highlights the intersection of faith and science.

The Iowa Christian Alliance Education Fund and the Patriots Fund are hosting the nationwide release of "The Genesis Code" at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Carmike Wynnsong 16 Cinema.”


Sioux City Journal
: “Poll: Mike Huckabee leads potential 2012 GOP field in Iowa”

“A new poll of Iowa Republican caucus-goers finds Mike Huckabee to be leading the field of potential 2012 presidential candidates.

Caucus-goers also were asked about perceptions of tension between science and Christianity's accounts of the creation of the universe. Forty-two percent said they feel that science and Genesis were in conflict, and 68 percent believe that the world was created in six days. About 45 percent believe that the world is roughly 10,000 years old.”


Eastern Iowa Government: “Poll finds GOP caucus-goer support for Huckabee in 2012”

“When asked by political consulting firm Strategic National for which of the potential candidates they would most likely vote, Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses, topped the GOP field with 28 percent.”


Politico: Ben Smith: Angle to Iowa

Forget the Academy Awards. Sharron Angle's headed to Iowa tomorrow for a new feature film -- starring Fred Thompson -- called The Genesis Code, which aims at striking a blow in the culture wars.

Angle is, in fact, the sort of grassroots cultural conservative that Republican candidates often pretend to be, and it's easy from the outside to confuse the two. But you won't see Marco Rubio at this premier.”


The Maddow Blog: Sharron Angle goes to the movies

"It may be Oscar nominations day in Hollyweird, but there's big movie news in Iowa, too.

That's where Sharron Angle is heading tomorrow for the premiere of what looks to be an amazing film, "The Genesis Code."

It has hockey! guns! death panels! and Fred Thompson!"


The Iowa Republican:
Sharron Angle Coming to Iowa

The Genesis Code is proud to announce that former U.S. Senate nominee Assemblywoman Sharron Angle will be attending the film’s red carpet VIP premiere in Johnston, Iowa on January 26th.

The film hits on three hot-button issues that will be factors in the 2012 Presidential contest: the battle between science and faith, the religious discrimination of Christians on college campuses, and the right to life.”


WMUR 9 in New Hampshire Covers “The Genesis Code”


CBN: The Brody File:
Sharron Angle Heads to Iowa

Hey liberals…she's baaaack!

OK, take a chill pill. Just because Sharron Angle IS going to Iowa doesn’t mean she’s running for President. (Actually you’d probably like that. I'm sure you'd love to start printing Palin/Angle 2012 bumper stickers right now) Everytime the state of Iowa is mentioned everybody gets all up in a lather!”


Talking Points Memo: Defeated Senate Candidate Sharron Angle Headed To…Iowa?

Sharron Angle might have lost the 2010 Senate race in Nevada -- and thus a shot at everlasting fame if she had defeated a sitting Senate Majority Leader -- but that's not stopping her from going to Iowa, the top destination for political stars in the presidential season.

As the Des Moines Register reports, Angle is headed to an event tomorrow by the Iowa Christian Alliance Education Fund, for a movie screening.”


National Journal: Hotline On Call: Sharron Angle Heading to Iowa

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Nevada Republican Sharron Angle, who lost her 2010 Senate bid to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is traveling to Iowa on Wednesday.

Angle's trip comes out of the blue and doesn't mean she's running for the White House. But, as they say, no politician visits Iowa on a whim.

Ostensibly, the Des Moines Register reports that Angle will be attending the screening of a new film, "The Genesis Code," that is being hosted by the Iowa Christian Alliance Education Fund.”


MSNBC First Read: 2012: Tea Party games the system – again

IOWA: “A movie starring two Academy Award winners will make its world premiere in Des Moines this week. Promoters of the film, called ‘The Genesis Code,’ say they chose Iowa for the debut because of the state’s important political role as the first-in-the-nation Presidential Caucus state,” Radio Iowa reports.

The Des Moines Register previously wrote that the film is “a $5 million Focus on the Family-approved dramatic film that focuses on reconciling the Book of Genesis with science’s explanation for the origins of the universe.”