AFP - Our Union Doesn't Need More Government

As I watched the President's speech I was struck by one thing - he still believes with all his being that more government is the solution to our problems and the hope for our future. 
President Obama identified job creation as his top overall priority and then laid out how he planned to create jobs and economic opportunity.

First, he spoke of new "investments" (the Left's term for new government spending) in renewable energy which is the radical environmental movement's holy mantra.  With gas now costing well over $3 per gallon across much of the nation and with utility bills increasing every month in our homes and businesses President Obama said he wants to pour billions into wind, solar, electric cars and other politically correct energy sources while keeping the government red tape and regulations in place that prevent new drilling for oil or mining for coal or new nuclear plant construction. 

Next, President Obama pledged to "invest" even more federal dollars on his education program called "Race to the Top" and he called for an "investment" in hiring at least 100,000 new teachers.  He told our children that "If you want to make a difference in the life of our nation...become a teacher.  Your country needs you."

I honor our teachers and the teaching profession.  In fact, two of my sisters and my sister-in-law taught in classrooms for many years.  But, the answer to our economic problems is not simply spending even more money on federal education programs that have not increased student performance in any nationally meaningful way. 

Then, President Obama called for our federal government to "redouble" spending on our infrastructure which is another tired, old liberal ideological axiom - when in doubt pour more pork-barrel programs that usually benefit allies or meet ideological litmus tests such as "high speed rail."

It was ironic to hear President Obama say that he wants 98% of Americans to have access to high-speed wireless internet coverage while at the same time his Federal Communications Commission bureaucrats are attempting to regulate the internet which will increase costs for Americans while lessening choices and discouraging private sector financial investment in one part of the economy where the free market has been allowed to create literally millions of jobs and billions in private wealth. 

He once again said he wants to spur job creation by conducting a "review of government regulations" but his own Environmental Protection Agency - the bureaucracy responsible for so many jobs being lost or not created - immediately responded that it was "confident" it would not need to alter a single current or pending rule.  Check out the Wall Street Journal editorial from January 24 that details the hypocrisy.  

 And, President Obama vowed to defend his health care takeover legislation that is going to create over 100 new government agencies or departments, add tens-of-thousands of new government bureaucrats, and increase government spending in the coming decade by hundreds-of-billions of dollars - all while raising health insurance costs for most Americans and limiting health care choices for our families. 

Oh yes, after signing legislation in December that kept the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts in place for Americans President Obama caved in to the Left and called for raising taxes on many of these same Americans in two years - after the 2012 election by the way.

There was some good news -- including a promise to cut corporate taxes that we hope is sincere, and an unambiguous promise to veto any bill with earmarks.  That's bad news for Harry Reid, who insisted this week that Senate Democrats would keep earmarking!
When I traveled all over the country on Ending Earmarks Express back in 2006, I never thought a Democratic president would promise to veto all earmarks.  It's remarkable proof that when we bring grassroots pressure to bear we can win.  And you can bet we'll do everything we can to make sure Obama keeps his promise to veto all earmarks.

There's so much more I could share with you but you get the point. 

Despite the President rhetoric in recent weeks his policies still demonstrate a commitment to more big government, big spending, heavy-handed liberalism. 

Over the last two years we have not really asked you to send the President a direct message.  But, on this morning after his state of the union speech let's tell President Obama that we have examined his policies for 2011 and that we're saying NO WAY CLICK HERE

At the same time, we'll also send a copy of your message to President Obama to your member of Congress so that they know the American people are not buying the President's same old "government knows best" budget-busting policies and that we expect Congress to stand up for our economic freedoms.

We've got a big year ahead of us.  It's time to get moving!

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Tim Phillips

PS: CLICK HERE to send President Obama tell President Obama: Mr. President, we oppose your continued big government, big spending, heavy-handed liberal policies and we're still committed to changing our nation's direction.

One last thing, on this morning after the State of the Union speech, we want to hear your"state of the family" or"state of your business or job" -- please respond back and let me know what you're thinking as we move into the crucial early months of 2011.