MRC - Manchester Republican Committee Elects New Executive Board

Manchester, NH -The Manchester Republican Committee (MRC) is pleased to announce the election of its new officers. On Wednesday January 19, three-term chairman Cliff Hurst handed the gavel over to newly elected Chairman Jeff Frost. The 2011 Executive Board of the Manchester Republican Committee was elected as follows:
Chairman—Jeffrey Frost
1st Vice Chairman—David Hurst
2nd Vice Chairman—Ronnie Schlender
Secretary—Aaron Goulette
Treasurer—Lisa Swank
Jeff Frost most recently served as the Chairman of the Greater Manchester Red Cross, owns a Real Estate company, and is a retired American Airlines Captain. He assisted in Senator McCain’s 2000 campaign and has been involved in state politics since returning to the state after the completion of his military service.
David Hurst has served on the boards of both the MRC and the Young Republicans in many capacities and has a professional background in finance as well as consulting in both business and politics.
Ronnie Schlender has strong ties to the business community and was named the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Volunteer of the Year.
Aaron Goulette is a seasoned political professional having worked on several statewide elections on behalf of candidates and state and national committees both in New Hampshire and in 8 other states. A Manchester resident for over 8 years, Goulette currently consults for a range of clients in the areas of public affairs, advocacy and online and social media strategy.
Lisa Swank is a Manchester Republican activist instrumental in the Westside Super district’s Historic Republican sweep, one of those was her husband newly elected Rep. Matt Swank.
Outgoing Chairman Cliff Hurst said “this new team has all the enthusiasm, experience, and skill needed to build on the success we had this year. Like any organization it is only as strong as its people. I am proud that we have left the Republican Party in Manchester in great hands and can look forward to a bright future”.
Jeff Frost thanked Cliff for his leadership saying “Cliff has done a great job, he is a true statesman, and has left big shoes to fill. Cliff is not going far as he will still be involved in helping us move the Republican Party into a promising future. Now it is time to take the next step in this Republican Revolution by supporting candidates who will hold Government in check. We need to limit government’s size and scope while focusing the policy debate on how to allow business to grow our economy and create jobs. With the team we have I am confident we will build on last year’s great success.”