CHQ - Send Your ‘Red Ink Letter’ to Republicans to Hold Line on Debt

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Richard Viguerie's taped appearance on CNN's Parker Spitzer scheduled for last night was pre-empted by late-breaking developments.   We'll keep you posted about when it will air.

Send Your 'Red Ink Letter' to Republicans to Hold Line on Debt
World Net Daily - Joseph Farah offers a way for conservatives to send Republicans a message on the ever-expanding federal debt in the form of a petition and "red ink letter" writing campaign.

Sen. Mike Lee Pledges to Filibuster Debt-Ceiling Increase
The Hill - Utah Sen. Mike Lee is already proving to be a big fiscal improvement over wishy-washy former Sen. Bob Bennett. Lee said he'll filibuster the upcoming federal debt-ceiling increase unless Senate leaders agree to pass a balanced-budget amendment through the Senate.

Sen. Rand Paul Says Tea Party Holds Power on Capitol Hill
Washington Times - Rather than Washington co-opting the new Tea Party members of Congress, Sen. Rand Paul says the Tea Party is co-opting Washington. Paul's Senate Tea Party Caucus met for the first time the other day, and they reiterated that they're serious about advancing the Tea Party's demand to reign-in a federal government that's gotten so out-of-control.

Establishment Republicans "Terrified" of the Tea Party - and for Good Reason
Politico -- Some congressional Republicans have learned the hard way that bucking the Tea Party or the principled small-government conservatives who express Tea Party views is a bad career move. The Tea Party movement is energized, and establishment Republicans now think twice before taking the same old Washington line against this populist movement for constitutionalism.

With Republicans, You Get What You Tolerate
American Thinker (blog) - Tea Partier Lloyd Marcus explains why conservatives should not accept electability as an excuse to back moderates, mainly because when you tolerate something, you get more of it. Marcus says if we tolerate more RINOs, we'll simply get more of them.

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