House Republicans' - Manchester House Member Under Investigation

Concord—Rep. Mike Brunelle of Manchester (D-Hillsborough Dist. 10), the paid Executive Director of the State Democratic Party and floor leader for the House Democrats is under investigation and could forfeit his House seat for violating the New Hampshire Constitution.

In making the motion on the House floor, fellow Manchester lawmaker Phil Greazzo (R-Hillsborough Dist. 17) cited Part II, Article 7 which stipulates that “no member of the General Court shall take fees, be of counsel, or act as an advocate in any cause before any branch of the legislature.” According to the Constitution, upon proof of such a violation, the member shall forfeit his seat in the House.

Rep. Paul Mirski (Enfield), the House Majority Policy Advisor says the Constitution is quite clear that legislators cannot serve two masters. “Our constituents elect us to serve their interests first and foremost. That is impossible if we are paid to serve as an agent of some organization or special interest group,” said Mirski. “Rep. Brunelle took an oath just a month ago to serve the people of District 10.  He cannot equally serve the interests of the State Democratic Party and his constituents on the floor of the NH House at the same time.”

According to Rep. Mirski, also the chairman of the House Legislative Administration committee, under direction of Speaker O’Brien, the matter will be turned over to the sub committee on elections for further investigation.  It is the responsibility of this committee to examine and report on the credentials of members elected to serve in the House.