Jennifer Horn Endorses Jack Kimball for NH GOP Chairman

Nashua, NH   Jennifer Horn, 2008 Republican Congressional nominee and 2010 Congressional candidate, announced today her endorsement of Jack Kimball for Chairman of the NH GOP.


"I am proud to add my name to the growing list of committed Republicans endorsing Jack's efforts to become our party chairman," said Horn.  "Now more than ever before we need strong, principled leadership and Jack Kimball will provide that."


"Jack brings decades of experience as a successful small business owner that will assist him in the administrative and fundraising responsibilities of the position.  He has the passion and eloquence to continue to spread the Republican message and grow our party in New Hampshire."


His greatest strength however, is his understanding that the success of the party relies on the grassroots activists."


"Jack ran a strong, state-wide campaign for Governor.  His ability to inspire thousands of new Republicans and unite them with long-time GOP activists has earned him the respect of Republicans across New Hampshire.  I am confident that as Chairman, Jack will continue to act as a bridge between principled, long-time GOP-ers and the thousands of new Republicans who have joined the effort."


"Gov. Sununu provided strong leadership and a bulldog-like tenacity in staying on the Republican message throughout the past election cycle.  The next Chairman must have a Sununu-like tenacity, the ability to unite all arms of the party and a deep passion for the party principles of limited government, limited spending and limited taxes.  Jack Kimball is that person."