NH GOP Attempts to Remove State Legislator for Being a Democrat

Concord - This morning, New Hampshire's House Republican leadership announced they would try to remove a sitting state legislator for being a Democrat.  The Republican Majority leader told the AP that by filing a bill that was "a Democratic initiative," Representative Mike Brunelle had violated the Constitution.  Specifically, referenced was a bill to raise the minimum wage.  (AP, 01/05/2011)


Former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan released the following statement in response to the ridiculous stunt.


            "When the current majority ran for office, they said they would focus on jobs and the economy. Instead, the first priority of the legislature was a rule to permit guns to be carried in the State House. The second priority is the effort by the Republican leadership to remove Mike Brunelle, who was duly elected by the people of Manchester's Ward 3, from office, simply because he is an effective advocate who happens to be a Democrat . The removal of state legislators for political reasons is a reckless assault on our democracy and our Constitution.  The Speaker and his leadership team are using intimidation tactics to squash dissent in the State House. These tactics are better suited to the old Soviet Union, and bring discredit on the New Hampshire House of Representatives."