CHQ - New Conservative Republican Women Threaten “Old Boy” GOP Order

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New Conservative Republican Women Threaten "Old Boy" GOP Order
The Atlantic - Conservative women such as Sarah Palin and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley are shaking things up in the Republican Party, shattering old stereotypes, and breaking up "the old boy" network in the party. It's arguable that conservative women are largely responsible for leading 2010's shift to the right for the GOP.

Sen. Jim DeMint Still on Top in CHQ's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll
CHQ -- CHQ's GOP straw poll for December ends with Sen. Jim DeMint still in the lead.  You can cast your vote in the new January poll.

Sen. Jim DeMint: 'Say no to RINOs in 2011' -- The Hill

Jack Hunter:  Who's the Weird One--Ron Paul or the GOP Establishment?
American Conservative - Jack Hunter questions whether Ron Paul or the GOP establishment is the true odd ball. Hunter points out that many of Paul's so-called "radical" ideas during the 2008 presidential campaign (such as adhering to the words of the Constitution) have now been adopted by most GOP candidates, so which school of thought is now outside the mainstream?

Signs Point to Mike Pence Bowing Out of Presidential Race to Run for Governor -- American Thinker 

It is Time for a Tea Party-led Coup of the GOP -- RedState

Tea Party Organizers Warn: 'We are watching' -- Washington Times

Conservative Republican Study Committee Proposes Earmark Savings Accounts -- Daily Caller

Who's Who: Goody-Goodies, Rogues, and Gunslingers in the GOP Freshman Class -- Washington Examiner

As GOP Frosh Fill Back Benches, New Committee Chairs Take Over -- Washington Examiner

9th Circuit Rules Christian Cross on Federal Land Unconstitutional - World Net Daily

GOP Freshmen are Ready to Rock n' Roll -- Washington Examiner

Lavish Fundraiser for GOP Freshmen Raising Questions -- Hot Air

Conservative Strategy Should Be to Keep Liberals on Defense -- Pajamas Media

Cornhuskers: Midwestern Republicans are Stuck on Ethanol -- National Review Online

GOP Governors Poised to Play Key Role in Obamacare Battle -- The Hill


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