CHQ - The Tea Parties Gave America Three Precious Gifts

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The Tea Parties Gave America Three Precious Gifts 
American Thinker - Former Idaho state legislator Larrey Anderson writes the Tea Parties gave us three precious gifts since their inception:  a new appreciation for the Constitution, a new generation of leaders, and "real" campaign finance reform.  
Will The People of Texas Fold or Fight For Conservatives?
RedState - Erick Erickson again highlights the need to fight for a conservative Speaker in Texas, and asks all Texans to contact their member of the state House and tell them to vote conservative - or risk being kicked out of office.
Heritage, Media Research Center Withdraw from CPAC - WorldNetDaily
NPR Defunding Calls Heat up in First Week of New Congress Daily Caller 
Tea Party Groups Warn GOP:  Reduce Spending or Face Primary Challenges -The Hill 
Conservative Action Project:  A Conservative Communiqué for 2011 American Spectator (blog) 
The 112th Congress's Ultimate Success Depends on the Freshmen Human Events 
Let the (Tea Party) Counter-Revolution Begin! The New American 
The GOP House is Bending Some of its Own Rules Politico 
Fiscal Sanity is a Moral Issue to Sen. Tom Coburn American Conservative 
Examiner Editorial:  Defense Spending Should Not be a Sacred Cow Washington Examiner 
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is Increasing his National Profile Real Clear Politics 
GOP Reps. Fitzpatrick, Dold Won't Say if They Support Defunding Obamacare (Video) 
National Archives Offers Glimpse Into Reagan Presidency Leading Up to Centennial Birthday - Daily Caller 
CHQ Poll Results: Conservative Activists Believe Obamacare was Debated Enough
CHQ Staff - Nearly two-thirds of conservative activists support exempting the bill to repeal Obamacare from the new GOP House rules.
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