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A Gay Republican President?
Big Think asks Fred

Two weeks ago former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed by the prominent site and was asked if there will be a gay President.  His reply was, "the answer is yes."  Big Think contacted Fred soon thereafter and all four clips from their interview are found below. 

Fred Karger: Would the American public support an openly gay President?  Click below or Here.

Fred Karger: A message for the younger generation, "it gets better."  Click below or Here.

Fred Karger: There are plenty of progressive Republicans throughout history.  Click below or Here.

Fred Karger: There are already gay leaders here at home and around the world.  Click below or Here.

Big Think is a global forum connecting people and ideas.  They believe that by listening to experts discuss their opinions and views on relevant topics in today's world, we all can make better decisions in our personal lives. 

A BIG THANK you to Big Think Producer Andrew Dermont, our extraordinary filmmaker John Keitel for directing these pieces and NOH8 photographer Adam Bouska for loaning us and lighting his studio to recreate the Big Think look.

Besides President Carter, others interviewed by Big Think include actor Edward Norton, General Wesley Clark, filmmaker John Waters, attorney Gloria Allred and many other leaders in academia, business, politics, entertainment and science.

Steve Scheffler Strikes Again

Steve Scheffler, Iowa Republican National Committeeman and President of the Iowa Christian Alliance is at it again.  As you may recall, last May Scheffler sent Fred a threatening email, vowing he would "work overtime to abort his candidacy." 

Now, Steve Scheffler did not invite Fred to his Iowa 2012 Forum on March 7, 2010.  As reported in the Wall Street Journal on December 29th, Steve Scheffler said he would send invitations to anyone who expressed even the "slightest interest" in running for President in 2012.  He did not invite Fred.

Of the 12 people invited, some did not even visit Iowa last year, whereas Fred has:

  • Formed a Presidential Exploratory Committee
  • Traveled to Iowa five times
  • Hired Nathan Treloar as State Director of his Exploratory Committee
  • Spent a day and night meeting people (and eating) at the Iowa State Fair
  • Met with numerous political leaders and has given at least 12 speeches to community and university groups
  • Aired the first commercial of any possible 2012 candidate, Independence Day: CLICK HERE
  • Has been covered by WHO TV and ABC News 5
  • Has appeared 4 times on the Jan Mickelson in the Morning - WHO Newsradio 1040 show
  • Hosted a "Meet and Greet" in Des Moines, Iowa at Dos Rios Restaurant
  • Has been featured in the Des Moines Register, Iowa Independent and many other daily newspapers

Looks like Fred has shown the "slightest interest" to us.

Steve Scheffler dismissed Fred and said in the Des Moines Register story that, "he's got one issue... that does not make him a legitimate candidate."

Sounds like code words for HOMOPHOBIA.