NH House Majority Leader offers comment on potential surplus

CONCORD – House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt today offered the following comments in response to the Governor’s office releasing figures showing that the last fiscal year will achieve a $26 million surplus.

"House Republicans made it clear last winter when we presented our agenda that we were committed to using any excess revenue to restore the Rainy  Day Fund and lower the tax burden New Hampshire businesses.  The foundation of our  budget was based on very realistic revenue numbers as we were forced to deal with the state's $1 Billion deficit.  While today's news that the state could be looking at a $26 Million surplus is encouraging, we are still faced with the reality that our Rainy Day Fund is seriously underfunded.  While I certainly  hope that this positive trend continues, I caution the Democrats against any fantasies of increasing spending simply because we have seen a slight upturn in the economy.  It is clear that the moves that we made during the past session,  in creating a business friendly environment that would result in job grown,  have worked.   We will continue in the coming session to do everything we can to provide an environment that is conducive to creating more jobs and revenue for the state."