NH House Speaker Announces Members of House Select Committee to Study Local Government Center

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today announced the members of the House Select Committee to study issues regarding the New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC). The committee will be chaired by Rep. Stephen Stepanek, of Milford and includes House members Mary Griffin, of Windham; Frank Sapareto, of Derry; Gary Azarian, of Salem; and Daniel Sullivan, of Manchester. The committee will review the report by the Secretary of State that suggest several improprieties by the LGC and indicates that the organization could owe municipalities up to $100 million. The committee will look at possible changes to laws governing groups like the LCG.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“We need to begin the process of reviewing the issues that the Secretary of State raised in the LGC Report immediately. I am confident that this committee will allow us to get an early start on the process so we have more time to make sure that we can take action next year if we find that we need to change our laws for pooled risk groups, like the LGC. We take the report of New Hampshire’s property taxpayers’ money being mismanaged very seriously. The working families of this state deserve to know where their money is going and to have the confidence that their tax dollars are being used wisely and lawfully.”

Stephen Stepanek

“We are moving forward to look into the report to come up with a proper recommendation to the House and the citizens of New Hampshire. We are committed to determining the details of LGC’s actions and determining how to avoid oversight ambiguity of public and government-sponsored insured risk pools in the future.”