NHDP - ICYMI: Pictures of Frank Guinta's Birthday Gifts!

Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Democratic Party obtained secret photos of the gifts ethically challenged Congressman Frank Guinta received at his birthday day party this week.


get out of jail 

"Happy Birthday Frank! No need to flee the scene of you next bar fight before the cops arrive like you did as Mayor. This handy card will get you out of jail free." [link



"This three pack of frames, will fit your certificate for being on the "Most Corrupt Members of Congress" as well as the two pending FEC complaints against you perfectly. Congratulations again on the big news last week!" [link



"And won't this be handy! It's a checkbook to help you keep track of all your mysterious and magically appearing half-million dollar bank accounts and campaign contributions!" [link





Bass and Guinta make watchdog group's "Most corrupt" list. Frank Guinta was named one of the "most corrupt" members of Congress by the non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington for previous "mystery money" that funded his campaign, contrary to campaign finance rules. [Nashua Telegraph, 9/21/2011


FEC takes first step in NH rep.-elect's case. "The Federal Elections Commission has taken a preliminary step toward investigating U.S. Rep.-elect Frank Guinta's personal finances.... [Democrats] called on Guinta to show bank records proving the account's earlier existence and have questioned how someone whose chief income over the last decade was his $72,000-a-year mayoral salary could save that amount." [AP, 12/16/2010]


Guinta, Garrity faulted in bar incident. Relatives of a city man who suffered a broken leg in a dust-up at a center-city bar last month are venting their anger at Mayor Frank Guinta and Alderman Mike Garrity for their response to the incident. The family members allege Guinta and Garrity left the bar while the man, Thomas English Jr., was still lying on the floor and that neither called for help. They have also accused Garrity of lying to reporters about why he went to the bar and how it was that English got hurt. [Union Leader, 7/1/2009]


Frank Guinta, Republican Candidate In NH, Fled Scene Of Friend's Bar Brawl Reportedly Stepping Over Victim's Body On His Way Out The DoorGuinta was present for the entire event but claims he was too engrossed with his BlackBerry to look up. He left before the ambulance arrived, reportedly stepping over the victim's body on his way out the door. [Huffington Post, 10/11/2011]


NH Democrats want Guinta fundraising answers. "Democrats on Monday asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate a news report about Guinta's fundraising published last month.The report in the New Hampshire Union Leader said 1st District Rep. Guinta tried to get the Republican Governors Association to donate $100,000 to the state Republican Party, but was rebuffed over concerns about former GOP chair Jack Kimball's management of party affairs." [Union Leader, 9/28/2011]