AJS to Display Giant Rat at N.H. Republican Debate

AJS to Display Giant Rat at N.H. Republican Debate, Group urges candidates to oppose President Obama's job-killing policies

. - Americans for Job Security (AJS) will be placing a large inflatable rat at 11 W. Wheelock Street in Hanover, New Hampshire on October 11 beginning at 1:00 PM to urge the GOP candidates participating in the presidential debate to oppose President Obama's job-killing labor policies.

This is Richie the Rat's third appearance after being introduced at a NRLB hearing in July. Its presence at the hearing shed light on the agency's recent decision allowing union bosses to display large inflatable rats to intimidate employees, employers and consumers during labor disputes.-----------


Americans for Job Security to display inflatable rat at N.H. Republican debate


Tuesday, October 11


1:00 PM (ET)
Address: 11 W. Wheelock Street 
Hanover, NH 03755 
(Across the street from the press filing center)


AJS is the only independent, bi-partisan, pro-business issue advocacy organization in America. Established in 1997, AJS promotes issues that strengthen the American economy.

For more information on Americans for Job Security visit our website at www.SaveJobs.org.