NH GOP - Shaheen Plans To Skip Vote, But Has No Plans To Change Her Big Spending Ways

Supports Higher Taxes, More Spending in Obama’s Stimulus 2.0

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald today released the following statement after Senator Jeanne Shaheen announced her support for President Barack Obama’s Stimulus 2.0 and her intention to only attend the actual vote, “if her vote is needed for passage.” (See quote in The Hill by clicking HERE. )

“It’s surprising that Senator Shaheen is skipping tonight’s vote, but the real surprise is that she supports President Obama’s second stimulus, even though we know that the original trillion-dollar plan failed to turn the economy around as promised.  As many of her Senate Democrat colleagues plan to oppose the White House’s latest spending proposal, Senator Shaheen is once again showing New Hampshire voters just how loyal she is to President Obama and her Washington leaders.  

"Granite Staters are frustrated with our nation’s massive debt, which is hurting our economy, yet Senator Shaheen continues to go along with her party bosses’ plans for more spending and bigger government. Shaheen doesn’t seem to understand that a rubberstamp for President Obama is not a voice for New Hampshire voters."

Background Information:

“President Barack Obama’s jobs plan is at risk of getting less than 51 votes Tuesday evening in the Senate as a handful of politically vulnerable moderates hold out on the president’s signature economic proposal.  Adding to the uncertainty, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) who supports the proposal, may be a no-show due to a scheduling conflict, potentially leaving Democrats short of the symbolic simple majority on the jobs bill.” (Manu Raju and Scott Wong, “Obama Jobs Bill May Not Get 51 In Senate,” Politico, 10/11/2011)