Huntsman Campaign Manager Matt David Issues Statement Following Washington Post-Bloomberg Debate

Huntsman campaign manager Matt David released the following statement on this evening's Washington Post-Bloomberg debate:

"Governor Huntsman demonstrated tonight the economic savvy our slumped American economy requires, offering a quantifiable return to prosperity that addresses the crisis of unemployment.

"While the jobs plans of Gov. Huntsman's rivals have been panned as 'remarkably vague' and 'surprisingly timid,' his own has been hailed as 'the most pro-growth proposal ever offered by a US presidential candidate.'

"Cheap catchphrases won't create an economic climate in which the legions of unemployed Americans can return to work. The sloganeering offered by others on tonight's stage won't revive the nation's creative and entrepreneurial classes, just as certain more regulation from President Obama won't spur American competition. Jon Huntsman's experience -- as a businessman, governor and diplomat -- can.

"The seriousness of today's broken economy demands a serious leader. America saw only one in tonight's debate."