Huntsman for President - Mitt Romney: Career Campaigner

Manchester - Jon Huntsman for President Spokesman Tim Miller issued the following statement regarding Governor Romney's insistence that he is not a "career" politician:

"Last night Governor Romney continued his line of attack against so-called 'career' politicians, claiming he spent his entire life in the private sector. The reality is the only reason Mitt Romney is not a career politician is because he has lost so many elections.

"In his first electoral attempt nearly two decades ago, Governor Romney ran for Senate on a platform that was anti-Ronald Reagan, anti-Contract with America, pro-choice, and pro-national healthcare mandate. One wonders whether he would have won that election had he not turned his back on President Reagan.

“As it stands, Mitt Romney may not be a career politician but he certainly is a career campaigner with a bad record, and this campaign is too important to lose."


Romney In Hanover Debate: “I Spent My Entire Career Working In The Private Sector…” “Because I spent my life in the economy. I spent my entire career working in the private sector, starting businesses, helping turn around businesses, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. And I know how to make tough decisions and to gather the input from around the country to help make the important decisions that have to be made.” (Mitt Romney, Remarks At Bloomberg-Washington Post Debate, Hanover, NH, 10/11/11)

Romney During 2012 Campaign: “Career Politicians Got Us Into This Mess And They Simply Don’t Know How To Get Us Out.” “‘Four more years on the same political path could prove disastrous,’ he said, adding: ‘Career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out!’” (Michael A. Memoli, “Mitt Romney Targets Obama, 'Career Politicians' In VFW Speech,” Los Angeles Times, 8/30/11)