NHDP - Announcing the 2011 New Hampshire Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Celebration

Dear Friend:


I am pleased to announce that the 2011 New Hampshire Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Celebration will be held on Saturday, November 5th at 5:00 pm at the Castleton, 92 Indian Rock Road, Rt 111 Windham, NH with our very special guest Governor Deval Patrick!


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Having served in both the NH House and Senate, I can tell you I've never seen anything quite like what transpired this past year in Concord-from the mean spirited and misguided attacks on our judicial system and labor to denying women access to healthcare; from attempts to depress voting rights to a near wholesale withdrawal of support for higher education-Speaker O'Brien and the Republican Leadership have proven they just don't share our New Hampshire values. They must be stopped. Let's start today.


Our Democratic Representatives and Senators are working hard to defeat the worst of these legislative initiatives but we all need to join the fight.  With your support, Democrats will be ready to fight back and restore common sense to New Hampshire's State House. Your attendance at our 2011 Jefferson Jackson Celebration is an important first step to victory in 2012! 
So please don't hesitate--- purchase your ticket today!  See you November 5th.


Joe Foster 
JJ Celebration Chair


PS: ACT NOW to purchase your ticket to the Jefferson Jackson Celebration!